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Pay-Per-Click Advertising allows you to reach your target audience in a direct and measurable way.

Through its AdWords advertising service Google provides another opportunity for you to get your website appearing on the first page of results for your chosen keywords. These are the adverts that appear on the right hand side and top of your screen when you perform a Google search. At its simplest Pay-Per-Click advertising means that the more you bid for a keyword the higher your advert will appear in the Google AdWords listings – there is a bit more to it than that, but money is the main influence on positioning.

google-adsYour primary and ongoing digital advertising spend will be with Google AdWords, although Yahoo and Facebook can also be considered.

You only ever pay when your advert is clicked on, and you can set a daily budget in order to keep a tight rein on your advertising spend.

We typically manage a campaign for either a fixed monthly fee based on time spend, or as a % of the campaign budget.

Deciding on your Google advertising budget can be difficult; we would typically advise spending what you can afford and adjusting whenever necessary. In theory the greater the spend the greater your profit. You can vary the amount you wish to spend on a monthly basis and target different keywords at different times of the year (or to follow trends). Until a campaign is active it is not possible to calculate accurately the number of clicks or indeed the cost-per-click for your keywords,

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